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Impact Exchange

A new listing and trading venue for the securities of companies that commit to good green governance

The Green Impact Exchange (GIX) is a new U.S. equity exchange that will serve as the nexus between sustainably-minded companies and investors. GIX’s listing standards validate a company’s environmental commitment and provide investors trusted information about a company's progress to achieving its sustainability goals and initiatives. Companies who make the credible commitment to sustainability can dually-list on GIX to attract the massive amount of capital earmarked for investments in this area.

Our solution: focus on what matters


The company is committed to green sustainability


The company has a thoughtful strategy and goals to secure a green future


The company's actual behaviors are consistent with its green values and vision


The company demonstrates its green commitment through good green governance

Invest In A Greener Future

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Tomorrow's blue chipswill be greenTomorrow's blue chipswill be green
Tomorrow's blue chipswill be greenTomorrow's blue chipswill be green

GIX was founded by experienced Wall Street executives with decades of experience in capital markets and a shared passion for creating a sustainable future.

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