Giving Back

GIX is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). This means we intentionally focus on more than just the bottom line. GIX takes into account a triple bottom line - people, planet, and profit – extending benefits and attention to stakeholders in addition to shareholders, like communities and employees. In line with our commitment, GIX will be the first carbon neutral exchange in the United States.

Why a PBC?
We are committed to 'walking the talk' around environmentally focused corporate governance and a sustainable business model.
We have the freedom to adopt a long-term vision for company growth and value creation that allows GIX to be mission-driven AND profit-driven.
We believe that stock exchanges should foster a productive relationship between companies and their stakeholders that serves the public interest and corporate interests simultaneously.
We are institutionalizing and safeguarding the green values, processes, and standards envisioned by the founders.

As part of our Mission, GIX is creating the "Return to Green" program, which is the mechanism by which we commit a portion of our revenue to support various environmental organizations who are doing the groundwork to secure and improve our collective green future.

GIX is committed to not only helping companies do their part for the environment, we are also committed to doing our part too.

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